Congratulations! You're all set. Please follow the instructions below to prepare for your call.

Low 70's Golf Mastery: Peak Performance & Scoring Mastery

Congratulations on scheduling your Breakthrough Session. Great decision.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare and to get the most out of our upcoming call together:

Please make sure you bring something to write with and a notebook. Any ipad or laptop will also do the trick. The goal of the call is to get enough information from you so that we can craft a really solid step-by-step plan to get you moving forward on your goals.

So please make sure you have something to write with and you are in a quiet place where you can really focus for 45 minutes. This is an incredible opportunity for you to get some clarity on your golf game.

In the past, we’ve charged $300 for these sessions. When you’re stuck, clarity is the single most valuable thing you need to move forward – without it you cannot take action.

This very Breakthrough Session has changed the lives of many of our students.

A big transformation in life always starts with clarity.

Clarity → Behavior → Actions → Results

Here’s How The Call Will Work:

I have a simple process I like to use for conversations like these to make sure that you can get the most out of the call.

First: We’ll spend some time and chat about your current situation and your current golf game. Be prepared to talk about your golf practice – And to get the most out of it, bring a list of everything that you’ve tried that’s worked for you and hasn’t worked for you.

Feel free to tell me anything you think I should know that’ll help us craft a really solid plan together.

Then, after we’re clear on that part, we’ll go over some specifics in your golf practice and gather some baseline benchmarks and establish what is possible for you!

Second: After we know about your current situation we’ll have a chat about your biggest goals and dreams! We’ll establish where you see yourself 3 months from now, 6 months from now, and even a year’s time. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

The larger the gap between where you are now and where you want to go, the more we’ll have to work on together and the more fired up you’ll be. 😉

Also, be specific about your goals.

One major reason people lack results is because they lack specificity in what they want.

Once you become specific about what you want, you can begin to touch it in your mind. And then your brain can go to work on making it happen.

Third: After we’re clear on where you are now and where you want to go, we’ll take a look at the gap. We’ll identify all the roadblocks holding you back from getting what you want. And quite frankly, what has to change now in order to take your golf game to the next level.

***For the sake of transparency. If you aren’t a good fit for our program and our community, for whatever reason, I’ll politely let you know.

Normally, this has nothing to do with your physical ability, but your attitude. Part of what makes this program the best is the students that partake in it. We are a thriving, ambitious, and supportive group of individuals from all of the world that help and cheer each other on every step of the way. You’ll leave this program with friends for life.

So again, out of integrity for the rest of the students in the program, if I don’t feel like you’re the caliber of student we’re looking for, I’ll politely let you know.***

Then, once we have all this information, we’ll put together your custom plan so that you can get to work on it NOW.

From here, if you’d like us to tell you about the program and how we can help you, we’ll have a discussion about it and go over all the logistics so that you’re crystal clear to make a good decision.

If you choose to speak about the program with us, we have one simple request: And that request is for us to come to a decision by the end of the call.

And in order to make the decision easy for you, we’ll offer you a one-time-only fast action incentive on the program.

We’d like either a simple “Yes, I’m in!” or a “No, I’m out”. That’s it. Nothing else.

In order to best prepare – please do all of your planning and thinking before the call. If you need to speak to a spouse or partner, please do that ahead of time. Take care of everything you need before the call that way you can come on and make a good decision.

2 Things Will Happen Next:

One: if you choose not to join us, you keep the plan. You’ll still get massive value and clarity on which direction you need to take your practice. We’ll part ways from here and I’ll wish you all the best.

Two: if you say “Yes” and choose to join us on this journey, you’ll quickly realize this was the single best decision you could have made for your life, your fulfillment, and your future. Congratulations!

This program has completely changed the lives of many students all over the world and it will undoubtedly change yours too and in ways that you probably can’t even imagine right now.

Upon Saying Yes, A Few Things Will Happen:

Exciting times for you!

And that’s it.

From here, you’ll be ready to get started on your new reality.

One other thing – I’ll personally introduce you to our community and within hours you’ll have a flood of welcome messages from all the students already in the program eager to meet you. So if you have a specific photo you’d like me to use to introduce you to our community with please have that ready to go too.

Action Items to Prepare for Your Call:

***Again, at any point throughout the call, if I feel like you’re not a fit a good fit to work with us, I will politely let you know. We take our community seriously and we take pride in the fact that not only do we have the most thorough, cutting-edge training program on the planet but the best group of students you’ll find anywhere.***

Looking forward to speaking with you,


Client Reviews

I knew immediately this was a different type of program and Dean was unlike any coach I've worked with before. The mindset, body mechanics understanding and course management is simply outstanding.

I’m reaching out to give a huge thank you to Coach Dean Chitren and his entire team! I can’t explain how excited I am about how far I’ve come in my golf game after working with Coach Dean. To give a little back ground info, I’m 46 yrs old and have been playing, or should I say, trying to play golf since I was 17. I’ve always been very athletic coordinated and excelled at all sports however, golf was another story. I spent a ton of cash on books , videos, private lesson and equipment over the years and only broke 90 twice with an 87 and 88. I was inconsistent, blew up one or two holes per round and 3 putted. I would often get angry, frustrated and discouraged. I was sick of golfing with my buddies and not being able to compete. I disliked giving strokes to make things even. I had enough, so I decided to make a commitment and work with Coach Dean. I knew immediately this was a different type of program and Dean was unlike any coach I’ve worked with before. The mindset, body mechanics understanding and course management is simply outstanding. I have total clarity now and for me that was the key to success on the golf course. I now consistently shoot in the high 70’s and low 80’s. I’m able to shape shots, fade draw, read greens keep focus and make great decisions. If you are committed to drastically improving your golf game once and for all, I urge you to reach out to Coach Dean and his team. His program is fun and you WILL get massive results.

Scott Pietroforte

Dean changed my life, not just my golf game.

I have taken expensive golf lessons before, and they taught me the same swing that they teach everyone. What Dean did for me, was he made my body able to make that golf swing. He went beyond focusing on the golf swing, he focused on my life, my habits, my fitness and my flexibility. His stretching program is unbelievable in what it has done for my overall life, and health. My golf game is strong consistent and I am able to swing the club the way it was supposed to be swung.

David A

Now that I’ve worked with Dean personally, he has transformed my drives, my short game, (especially my sand play) and most of all, my putting.

Before I found Coach Dean, my golf game was challenged and I continually shot in the high 80’s to low 90’s. Now that I’ve worked with Dean personally, he has transformed my drives, my short game, (especially my sand play) and most of all, my putting. Now that I’ve been applying everything he taught me, I’m consistently playing better golf, taking more money off my golf buddies and my scores are in the low 80’s with me tickling the 70’s. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their golf game to the highest level.

Trevor McGregor

What I really like about Coach Dean is that he got me to consistently shoot par or lower in no time.

What I loved about Coach Dean’s program is that he goes beyond the fundamentals and how he gets into the mindset of the entire game. He helped me get into a pre-shot routine so I focus on every shot before I swing. He has easily helped me shoot par or lower and I believe I can do it because I went through his course.


Golf is a lot more enjoyable now. Less stress on the greens, more consistent average scores, and more matches won! I would highly recommend Low70 Golf to anyone who is truly serious about improving their game. The team’s focus on each student, the expertise they provide – whether it be physical, technical, or educational – is incredible. Go ahead and shoot par…I did!

David Radford

I wanted to share how excited I am with my improved putting! As a 7+ handicap, it’s hard to believe my putting was so atrocious. Unless I was having an extremely unusual day or missing a lot of greens and chipping well, I had been averaging 36 putts around, or so.

I look forward to working with Dean in the future in order to get my handicap even lower. But most of all, for him to teach me to enjoy the game even more, and to really have fun out on the course.

Bill Kahn | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I recently met Dean Chitren on the putting green at Palm Aire Country Club. After speaking about golf in general, I confided in Dean that my game had recently declined, both in accuracy and distance. He immediately offered his help and told me to get some range balls and meet him.

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