For golfers that want an unfair advantage over the competition...

…This is the home for ambitious golfers *deadset* on shooting par.

Your golf game means *everything* to you and you understand what it means to have the power, the confidence, and the intelligence to shoot par on any golf course, anywhere…

…and the prestige that comes with it.

In order to do that, it is not good enough to simply be “talented”.

What you need is the right approach.

And the right approach does not involve just your swing. It involves having full command over your physical body, having your emotions on a leash, superior course intelligence, and completely rewiring your brain to have a champion’s mindset.

Without these four things optimized, your golf isn’t optimized.

We might be able to help you.

We are decidedly different, our approach is dramatically effective, yet, not for everyone and perhaps not for you...

To be honest, we are not for “most” golfers. Most golfers are happy weekenders, joyriding around the course in a golf cart shooting a “good shot” every now and again – but mostly hacking it and never really making any real progress.

If that is you, be honest with yourself. You may not be the type of person that we work with.

But there are others who want different results, better results, want to play superior to their competition, have total control over themselves and their game – they have signed a blood pact between themselves and the ball.

For that special golfer, who has seen the vision of 70 on the scorecard, and is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill it…

You are home.

If You Qualify...

…you, like our ambitious clients, can expect rapid improvement over 12 weeks – in all key areas of your game, simultaneously.

We specialize in delivering, for you, an unfair advantage on the course and

plummeting strokes off your game – a proven model of success.

“The Model” is responsible for dropping 10, 20, or even 30 strokes off your game, transforming you from an average golfer to a machine. And following “The Model” you can expect to experience growth and a dramatic increase in your performance within 30-60 days (and that is just the start).

To experience what it might be like to work with us, I recommend you schedule a coaching session with one of my Low 70s Golf certified coaches. There is no charge but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:

  • You must be ready to get started right away
  • You must be willing and able to invest in yourself and your golf game
  • You must have an abundance mindset and be open to doing things a completely new way
  • You must be willing to work hard, adopt new tactics, and have a borderline crazed obsession about your game

During your confidential call, you will have an opportunity to bring up one issue related to your game and we will work with you to develop a plan of attack. We will demonstrate what it might be like to work with us. And we will evaluate you to determine if you meet our strict, but reasonable criteria for new clients.

To begin the application process for your private coaching session, click the button below.

All the best,


Mastering the game of golf is more than just driving the ball. It requires mastery of the “Total Game”. The Total Game is made up of these 4 elements.


full command over your physical body

It is not just about how you swing the club but the condition of your body. If your body is not in peak physical condition neither is your game.


KEEPING your emotions on a leash

Mastery of the fundamentals is mastery. Emotional control and confidence comes from “total game” mastery. “Total game” mastery starts with the fundamentals.


Superior course intelligence

It is best to understand that course strategy and IQ alone can drop 10-15 strokes off your game.


rewiring your brain to a champion's mindset

Your thoughts determine your destiny. Your mindset determines your actions and those actions ultimately determine your scorecard.


Success stories

I knew immediately this was a different type of program and Dean was unlike any coach I've worked with before. The mindset, body mechanics understanding and course management is simply outstanding.


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