We focus on training your body to be powerful, more athletic so you can focus on The Scoring Game to help you master 65% of the shots you take per round. THIS is how you win a round of golf.

“The Scoring Game” is comprised of the short game and the putting game – and makes up over 65% of the shots you’ll take during your entire round of golf. That’s why we focus on distance wedge, pitching, chipping, bunker and putting – these are the shots that keep you under par.

Dean’s program not only shows you the correct form, but helps you better your mental game, understand your own style of play, and listen to the real data that shows you how you can improve.

Each experience in Dean’s program is unique – because each person has unique limitations. Your program is completely customized to YOUR limitations so Dean can help you get better and enjoy the game of golf again!

Peak Performance Coaching

Scoring Mastery & Peak Performance

Who is this ideal for?

Who is this not ideal for?

Results you can expect



From Shooting In the 90s to Tickling The 70s!

“I’m consistently playing better golf, taking more money off my
golf buddies, and my scores…!”

My name is Trevor McGregor. Before I found Coach Dean, my golf game was challenged and I continually shot in the high 80’s to low 90’s. Now that I’ve worked with Dean personally, he has transformed my drives, my short game, (especially my sand play) and most of all, my putting. Now that I’ve been applying everything he taught me, I’m consistently playing better golf, taking more money off my golf buddies and my scores are in the low 80’s with me tickling the 70’s. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their golf game to the highest level.


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