First is recording a proper claim at the Treasury Department. This would be a Long Form Birth Certificate and various attached Claim documents and proper Forms and formats.

File what is known as a UCC 1 Finance Statement and create a first in time, first in line commercial Lien on the NAME and all associated accounts, properties, titles, registrations, Birth Certificates, bank accounts etc. This is recorded at UCC which displays these records to the public, so the public is Noticed of this First Position Lien. This will also be recorded with the Birth Certificate at U.S. Treasury.

“Authenticate” a second Birth Certificate. This is a Title. It is a Stock Certificate with GREAT value. (Each one of them has great value). The individual who holds this Authenticated BC holds true Title on the all capital letter name: FUCK JOE BIDEN. This all capital letter assemblage is nothing more than the name of an account or Trust. You will CONTROL this Trust account.

Who wants to get on the DO NOT DETAIN list in their agency computers and be left alone?

Apply for a video interview by completing application. You will be sent a link to schedule a call once approved after reading your application. So fill it out completely with details if you would like to Secure Your NAME and SSN.

Without Prejudice – All Rights Reserved
Dean-Richard: Family of Chitren, Secured Party,  is the beneficial owner in fact of the legal entity, the DEAN RICHARD CHITREN private account RAXXXXXX862-US Department of Treasury. 
 “Without the United States”

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